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This inaugural video features one of our original founding members, Elena Stolzer. It showcases our most recent development project in North Brunswick and the family impacted by our ongoing expansion of affordable housing. We hope you enjoy this first in a series of videos to come which will highlight the foundation and legacy on which the agency was built. We give THANKS to those individuals in our lives who have come before us that have contributed to our success. For without a past, there can be no present or future.

My name is Elisamarie R.  I first want to start off by thanking God and the amazing workers from Triple C Housing, or should I say the guardian angels that God sent for my children and I after a long 3 years!  We went from losing everything we had in the Ida Storm, going from hotel to hotel, then to a temporary apartment, but after the storm there will always be a rainbow and with prayer, we found a beautiful, strong woman like Kassandra and her team [at Triple C Housing].  They made a lot of dreams come true and big things happen for my children and I.  They have blessed us with a gorgeous home and so much more than words can explain.  I am so grateful that my kids can finally be kids and be comfortable in their own HOME!  It is a blessing and I have learned that with God, Prayer and the right people he places in your lives, Everything Is Possible.🙏🏽🙌🏽 Thank you Triple C Housing!

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“When we heard about Triple C Housing, they told us they only had a few spots left. My family and I were living with my husbands aunt in her small house. We had no where else to go.”

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