VOLUNTEERS help change the lives of those we serve in the community and promote the welfare of others by practicing social responsibility. 

After a long hiatus due to the pandemic, we have finally returned to our annual raised garden bed clean up and planting at CIL WOODS with much gratitude to The College of New Jersey’s Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity.  With outreach from Sofia S. to Triple C, and the volunteer initiative led by Adam, the AKP Community Relations Officer, a total of 20 volunteers completely annihilated all the weeds and overgrown junk, raked the raised bed, tilled the soil and planted a variety of herbs and vegetables for the residents to enjoy over the summer. 

YMCA of Western Monmouth County Annual Volunteer Day 7-11-18

Thank you Leaders in Training (LT) Volunteers, Mrs. Geiger and Ms. Love, from the YMCA of Western Monmouth County ~ Camp Topanemus, for joining us at CIL Woods!  Your teamwork and leadership are applauded!  Great job on the raised garden beds and the care packages you assembled for those we support on a daily basis!  As Leslie Small attests, “your teamwork is dream work!”  Looking forward to next year!

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