Arleigh’s Testimonial

When we heard about Triple C they had told us they only a few spots left, My family was living with my husbands aunt in her small home at the time. We had no where else to go, not enough money to pay for a month and half security, and certainly not enough...

George’s Story

Because I was hospitalized and disabled, I was not able to work and I had to deplete all of my resources. I was unable to meet my financial responsibilities. We have become one of the many different families suffering from homelessness. But through Triple...

Gretchen’s Story

To whom it may concern, I've worked extremely hard over the past few years to turn my life around. I've gone from a drug addict who was constantly in and out of psych wards, to a happy, sober, functioning member of society. It's not always easy, in fact...

Brian’s Story

Brian’s Story

Having spent eighteen years in one of New Jersey’s state psychiatric hospitals, Brian (a pseudonym) did not think it would be possible to have a place of his own. When Brian was referred to Triple C Housing for placement in the community, he and his family...

Triple C Housing

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