Because I was hospitalized and disabled, I was not able to work and I had to deplete all of my resources. I was unable to meet my financial responsibilities. We have become one of the many different families suffering from homelessness. But through Triple C Housing and the afore mentioned individuals who through shared vision of helping those in need, I was able to pick up the pieces and started to put my life together. I am a recovering addict with 25 years clean who has weathered many of storm. One of the phrases that I hold dear which is often said in recovery is, Don’t leave before the miracle happens, and Triple C was the miracle that I needed.

Because of Triple C Housing, I was able to return back to school. I am currently in the Construction Management Program of Study and Pace University, NYC. I have one more segment to complete to obtain a Master Lead Certification in Construction Management. I also have continued upgraded certification classes at the same time at local Iron’s Union in Bloomfield, NJ, training program. I gain acceptance for the fall semester for Rowan University of Engineering Construction Management and possible entrance for Columbia University for Construction Management.

Because of this program, I was capable and enable to complete and enroll for a chance to live on life terms. I was able to secure stable housing for my minor nephew and niece, have a home for nieces whom I raised who is college now to come home to on break. I was able to intern for a company in NYC as an Assistant Superintendent this last year because of Triple C Housing. Because of Triple C, I am able and willing and looking to re-enter back into the work force in the capacity of Superintendent/Project Manager/Construction Manager. This program has allowed me to rehabilitate physically, reestablish stability, and to re-establish my focus. My goal is to be able to return to work and begin to transitioned out of this program so others in need can gain the same Stability, Hope, and Guidance like I have from Triple C Housing.

I thank God everyday for this program (Triple C Housing) and I do hope that this program does endure and expand for there is a need. Again, I thank all of those who are involved in my life and this program for the help to gain and to become a productive member of society.

In closing, there is another saying that we use in recovery, Dreams are reawakened and new possibilities arise. Again, thank you.

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