William Waldman, Past President 2010 – 2013

11 Oct, 2013
Dear Friends and Supporters of Triple C,

I am honored and proud to be part of Triple C Housing, a leading provider of housing with supportive services for individuals with special needs in Middlesex County and more recently in Ocean County. We have grown considerably in our programs and services in the last several years and want to thank all of the individuals, groups, and organizations that have made that possible including those we serve, our employees, our governing board members, and our partners at the Federal, State and local levels. We deeply appreciate your support in these most difficult economic times.

Thanks to all of you, we have many strives in pursuit of the fulfillment of our mission to provide permanent, supportive housing opportunities coupled with innovative support services, empowering individuals to live independently with dignity and to fulfill their utmost potential. We need you more than ever to help us pursue this mission and I invite all those who visit this website and appreciate the work we do to continue to support us in any way you can.

William Waldman
William Waldman, MSW

Past President/Treasurer

Triple C Housing

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