Please cast your vote for Leslie Stivale and Kimberly Ewell who have been nominated for the 2024 Social Innovation ~ Housing and Community Development Award; Innovative attainable, stable or permanent housing service models that strengthen individuals, families and communities.

Working as a dynamic leadership team, Leslie and Kim’s collaborative and innovative approach to affordable housing development has forged partnerships to expand Triple C Housing’s reach to improve the social determinants of health for individuals and families on the brink of homelessness and institutionalization. 

At the onset of the pandemic, housing development operations were quadrupled to deliver safe, affordable housing opportunities for homeless families living in shelters at the height of the pandemic. With the addition of a Director of Development and Community Engagement, Marcus Kellam, along with Meyer Pincelli, Development Specialist, and Dan Gilmartin, Development Associate, the team swiftly launched an impressive expansion of Triple C’s housing portfolio and has been a leading non-profit developer utilizing the National Housing Trust Fund model. In addition to the development of affordable, luxury housing opportunities, the wrap around support services address the social determinants of health to improve overall quality of life. 

As a modest and humble development team, Leslie and Kim acknowledge the entire team in its capacity to go above and beyond to achieve it’s goals and objectives, along with it’s outstanding fiscal and program services team, and stellar Board of Trustees. “It takes a village…” and we hope you VOTE FOR LESLIE, AND KIM and their exceptional development team for their innovative housing and community development impact

ALSO, please join us in VOTING FOR CHERYL TOWNS who has been nominated in her role with the Capital Health Team. She currently works with us as a full time Registered Nurse supporting Allentown and all of our programs.

You must vote for every category for your vote to count!

Thank you in advance!

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