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Triple C Housing, Inc., or Triple C, is a 501c3 community housing development organization that expands affordable housing opportunities and supportive services to individuals and families that are impacted by disabilities, homelessness, or long-term hospitalization. Through personalized in-home and community-based services, we prioritize wellness and recovery to achieve positive outcomes in overall health, self-sufficiency, and housing stability.

Beginning over 40 years ago as a grass-roots organization, Triple C has grown to help vulnerable populations in Middlesex, Monmouth, and Ocean counties realize their dreams of living New About us page that combines philosophy and community development pages – mission, vision, value independently with dignity. We strive to help break the cycles of homelessness and institutionalization through high quality affordable housing and care.


Our Mission:

Triple C Housing’s mission is to create permanent supportive housing opportunities coupled with innovative support services empowering individuals and families to live with dignity and fulfill their utmost potential. The three C’s stand for:

Care: Care is the provision of what is necessary for overall health and welfare. We ensure that each individual’s needs are addressed in a collaborative, comprehensive manner. Our community support specialists work with due regard for the strengths and contributions of each individual, along with their partners and family members, to provide holistic, evidence-based care.

Community: Community is a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. We seek every opportunity for community integration and empower those served to engage in meaningful careers, educational advancement opportunities, and wellness activities while contributing to their neighborhoods and communities.

Choice: Choices is the opportunity to choose between two or more possibilities & to make an impactful decision. We assert that every individual has the freedom of choice to determine one’s personal journey towards wellness. Our foundation for psychiatric rehabilitation and evidenced-based care is the concept of recovery: a values-based process where individuals are inherently capable of engaging in personalized journeys toward growth to lead meaningful lives.

Our Vision:

To develop a steady supply of accessible, affordable and integrated housing and high quality support services to prevent and end the cycle of homelessness and institutionalization.


Our Values:

  • A learning culture to grow our collective knowledge;
  • Responsible stewardship and transparency of the funds, investments, and resources entrusted to us;
  • An atmosphere of fellowship that upholds our legacy as a family-oriented organization;
  • Empowerment to increase the strength and confidence of individuals and families;
  • Innovative community-based support services focused on progressive outcomes;
  • Recognition, respect and inclusion of the differences among us that enrich our lives;
  • Results-oriented management and accountability;
  • Confidentiality to preserve one’s privacy.

Triple C Housing

Triple C Housing, Inc.
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