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Supportive Housing

Supportive Housing combines permanent housing and support services to assist individuals and families in regaining housing stability, and lead productive, meaningful lives. Supportive Housing offers individuals and families with complex challenges, such as a mental health diagnosis and co-occurring medical conditions, a cost effective means to access affordable housing and social services to improve overall well-being.

Triple C’s Services are individually tailored and may comprise life skills training, linkages to healthcare and resources, connections to workforce development opportunities, and case management to build self-sufficiency. Evidenced based care is offered with a focus on wellness and recovery principles that are the cornerstone of community support services. The following CSS services are offered in supportive housing.

Community Support Services

  • Individual and Family Support Planning
  • Community Outreach Services/In Home Support and Skills Training
  • Case Management
  • Financial Literacy Education
  • Linkages to Natural Supports and Resources
  • Medically Enhanced Supportive Housing
  • Integrated Health and Wellness Programs with Nursing Support
  • Advocacy & Family Education Groups
  • Community Events
  • On-Call After-hours Support

Residential Care

Residential Care is offered in a 24-hour supervised residence. Services are flexible and consumer-centered to promote independence, self-sufficiency, and overall wellness. Skills training comprises self-care, daily living, medication monitoring and management, case management, budgeting/ financial literacy training and community integration activities. All services are individually tailored and collaboratively planned.

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