The effort reached over 30 families at Pennrose’s Truman Square residential community.

NEW JERSEY (December 17, 2021) – Triple C Housing, Inc. helped spread the holiday spirit this year by putting together care packages for families at Pennrose’s Truman Square residential community in Edison, NJ.

Families pre-registered to pick up necessities like towels and blankets, as well as holiday goodies like gift baskets and chocolate. Items were hand-picked and put together with love by the Triple C team, said Danielle Corbin, Regional Director at Triple C Housing, Inc.

“Not only did we have 30 families show up, but we were turning people away at the door as we were running out of items,” she said.

A community outreach event, the care package pick-up also allowed Triple C Housing, Inc. to share their mission and role with community members.

“It’s clear that projects require activities like this, strictly for engagement purposes, and I hope we can find ways to continue to put on events like this in the future,” said Corbin.

About Triple C Housing, Inc.

Triple C Housing, Inc. (Triple C) is a 501c3 non-profit community housing development organization (CHDO) focused on expanding affordable housing opportunities complimented by supportive services to individuals, families and veterans impacted by a disability, who are experiencing homelessness or long term hospitalization. Our objectives are to empower individuals and families to improve their quality of life, promote self-sufficiency, and engage in meaningful, gainful relationships, careers, educational advancement opportunities and wellness activities while contributing to their neighborhoods and communities.

Pennrose’s Truman Square residential community

Pennrose’s Truman Square residential community

Triple C Housing’s partnership with Pennrose and Truman Square offers onsite supportive services for the residential community, focused on health and wellness screenings, career services, case management linkages and financial literacy training. Special events such as this community outreach are planned throughout each year.

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